Cross jewelry

Cross jewelry : devotion or fashion? The cross is a symbol with which multiple meanings are associated. A cross in recent decades has acquired a whole new meaning. It has become a recognizable symbol that fits harmoniously into a variety of styles.

With the new Susy Cross Earrings in sterling silver plated with real rose gold and expertly decorated with violet colored synthetic cubic zirconia you will add a retro touch to your style.

In addition to the earrings also the matching necklace is available in length 35 cm + 10 cm extender, for a total of 45 cm comfortable and adjustable. These new pieces are super shiny and we love pairing them with a simple monochromatic outfit.

On the other hand, if you're looking for minimalist cross earrings to complete your ear party, you can always take a look at our best-selling 925 sterling silver Zirco Cruz Hoops available in two durable platings (18K gold and rhodium). Whether you're a fan of a lush, slightly retro style or you're just looking for a silver ornament suitable for everyday use you we believe our best seller won't disappoint.

If you want to surprise with a special ear cuff instead, try taking a look at our gothic ear cuffs in 18k real gold and durably plated copper. 

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