Stars and stars

Earrings are very much loved by us women always looking for new models to wear. Star-shaped earrings are very elegant, but at the same time versatile, because their shape lends itself to various styles. The star together with the heart and the crucifix is a much loved symbol, so it is often used in jewelry to create pendants for necklaces, bracelets and earrings. It is a type of earrings very appreciated also by girls, just for its attractive and youthful appearance.

From stars to little stars

Obviously there are different declinations of the star in the earrings, not always, in fact, the call to this element is concretized with the stylized figure that we all know. In some cases, for example, the star is recalled by the brilliance, perhaps through the use of crystals that emitting reflected light evokes the effect of stars in the sky. In the case of CrisWish jewelry this effect is present in the earrings Star Hoops and Micro Star Hoops.

Falling Stars

The star can be used in different keys, there are those who love earrings with a single pendant and those who fall in love with many dropping stars , as in the case of the model "dropping stars hoops" perfect for the second hole but also very refined for the first. If you love jewelry with stars too, visit our collections now!