How many summer nights have we spent admiring the night sky, waiting for a shooting star or simply a full moon? The boundless and mysterious universe has always inspired and influenced human beings.

But while a solar eclipse is one-off event in years it doesn't mean we can't keep on celebrating the beauty of the universe everyday through precious pieces of celestial inspiration.

We’re sharing a few celestial-inspired pieces that will help you look and feel out-of-this-world amazing on a daily basis.

Star Moon XL Hoops S925 : moon and star symbols are one of the cutest gift for both loved ones and ourselves. CrisWish has created this product in a variety of variants, from copper to 925 sterling silver, platinum plated or 18k gold plated variant with white crystals.

Since this item is beloved, CrisWish has also created it in a limited edition with rose, blue and amber crystals.

Supernova Hoops S925 and Thunder Hoops S925  created in sterling silver 925 with a radiant rhodium or 18k real gold finish and adorned with clear CZ diamonds to give you a precious and durable alternative to the same product realised in copper, also belong to the celestial-inspired collection. Try to combine them together with Thunder Studs or Crystal Studs to that charming sparkling effect.

Last but not least, just before Christmas CrisWish introduced Celestial-inspired Chunky Chains in Sterling Silver 925 matching the hoop earrings. Star Moon XL Chain S925 Supernova Chain S925 and Thunder Chain S925 also belong to the celestial-inspired collection. Furthermore they are combined in pretty gift set available before Christmas.

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