Butterfly jewel trend 2021

A symbol of transformation, change or love, the butterfly has always represented all of this. In 2021, this butterfly-mania seems to be amplified especially on social media, where an increasing number of bloggers and influencers are wearing butterflies of all colours, sizes and shapes!

Our customers have also loved our butterfly jewellery. That's why we've received avalanches of interactions on Instagram and satisfied customers that we've happily shared in featured "Girls" stories on our Instagram profile @criswishofficial.

Here are some of these images for you


That's why we decided to launch a new line of adorable butterflies that will light up your face and your summer 2021!

Here are a few images of our Jamila collection made up of the following 5 adorable pieces that will be in great demand in 2021

Jamila Hoops : butterfly hoop earrings
Jamila Studs: butterfly earrings
Jamila Ring: Butterfly Ring
Jamila Necklace: Butterfly Necklace
Jamila Ear Cuffs : fake piercing with butterfly